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Clothing & Bike Requirements




A race ready bike :

Any 18", 20" or 24” bike can be quickly and inexpensively modified for BMX Racing.


All changes are to make the bike safe for yourself and other BMX competitors.


The modifications needed include :

  • The handlebars must have grips that cover to the ends of the bars. Handlebar ends must be covered with bar ends, available from your local bike shop.

  • Removal of all protruding objects such as chain guards, stands, bells, reflectors and pegs.

  • Front brakes are not permitted, nor are back pedal brakes. Only back wheel lever brakes are permitted.


Mini Wheelers :
– Mini Wheelers must not have pedals or cranks
– The total diameter of the wheel, inflated tyres included shall not exceed 13” (33.02cm)
– Mini Wheelers total length including wheels must not exceeded 35” (88.9cm)


Protective Clothing :

  • Full face helmets that cover the ears and face.

  • Gloves, of any description that cover the entire hand.

  • Long sleeve top that is tucked into the pants.

  • Race pants may be worn or any long pants that are tear resistant.

  • Covered shoes and socks which cover the ankles.

The Club has only a couple of helmets that you can borrow to try out BMX, just ask when joining.

Each of the above safety measures insures that BMX is a safe and fun sport.

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